Fookin Bar. Fish

I hate foo, and I hate bar.

These things provide no information and do not contribute to understanding the context in which these identifiers are placeholder.

Please use fish, and fish related nomenclature from now on.

The benefit of fish is twofold:

  1. Fish are real, and can demonstrate existence amongst various conceptual plains. For example: fish, fish_var, fishy
  2. No software has, or will ever be written for or about fish. Fish is the perfect example domain in which to demonstrate and explicate.


No foo, no bar. Please use fish instead.


This post is complete nonsense. There is actually a common shell software called fish. Who would have thought?


Electronic Junk

I feel like Facebook and the internet giants at large are sucking me into a commercialised version of myself,

I see a reflection of myself but one distorted by some apathetic social averaging algorithm.

If this so called artificial intelligence is to enlighten the masses, how will it do so if it’s being fed by the same masses,

Will it now take considerably more momentum to break free from this social gravity than it would have once upon a time?

If AI can tell us what we want next, are humans anything more than the limbs of a distributed consciousness?

In the beginning, this network delivered the pinnacle of research across the globe. And now it delivers mostly junk.