For me and for you

For me it is one thing, but for you it is something else. That is the way it is.


Thoughts = Dreams

The thought, which emerges from the present moment, is a dream.

It is a projection of the future, or it is a prejection of the past. A rejection of present.

Do you have bad dreams? Do you have good ones?

The thought means nothing. It is just a dream.


It seems most -isms are delusions.

An ism is a warning flag signifying an illusion. The thing they label cannot be observed, only imagined.

Don’t give them your attention. They are not ultimate reality.

Fookin Bar. Fish

I hate foo, and I hate bar.

These things provide no information and do not contribute to understanding the context in which these identifiers are placeholder.

Please use fish, and fish related nomenclature from now on.

The benefit of fish is twofold:

  1. Fish are real, and can demonstrate existence amongst various conceptual plains. For example: fish, fish_var, fishy
  2. No software has, or will ever be written for or about fish. Fish is the perfect example domain in which to demonstrate and explicate.


No foo, no bar. Please use fish instead.


This post is complete nonsense. There is actually a common shell software called fish. Who would have thought?