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The Becoming of Nothingness

At first I thought; here I am, my thoughts,

But then, I saw my thoughts,

And I thought, I cannot change these thoughts,

And so something changed,

I chose. But there was but one choice to be made,

Where should I look?

Where else, but on the inside.

And it was there that I found absolutely nothing


This World

This world is barely physical. It is only an illusion.

For those of a western bent, modern experimental science clearly states this. There is no substance to this world. It is just energy. Nothing more. There is nothing here that is not energy. [The energy will not go away for western science, because it insists on phenomenon testing. However, if it stops testing, and just looks, then even the energy will go away.]

For those of an eastern bent, well, you may know this already.

For those of a religious bent, well, may god help you.

It is clear. Just look. There is nothing there.

It would be wrong to say even that it is an illusion. There is not even an illusion. Nothing.

Not even nothing. There is not even nothingness. There are no dimensions on which to define nothing.

Why is this?

I have to see more.

The Skill

The paramount skill of a painter is in being able to see, not in the ability to hold a brush.

The foremost skill of a cook is the ability to taste.

All else can and will follow from clarity of observation. It is a prerequisite for the ability to identify better from worse. Which is a prerequisite for the ability to improve at all times and without guidance. It enables the ability to discriminate between good and bad advice, good and bad teachers.

In fact, without it, you are just a pawn in a game you know nothing about.