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Thoughts = Dreams

The thought, which emerges from the present moment, is a dream.

It is a projection of the future, or it is a prejection of the past. A rejection of present.

Do you have bad dreams? Do you have good ones?

The thought means nothing. It is just a dream.


The Becoming of Nothingness

At first I thought; here I am, my thoughts,

But then, I saw my thoughts,

And I thought, I cannot change these thoughts,

And so something changed,

I chose. But there was but one choice to be made,

Where should I look?

Where else, but on the inside.

And it was there that I found absolutely nothing

Electronic Junk

I feel like Facebook and the internet giants at large are sucking me into a commercialised version of myself,

I see a reflection of myself but one distorted by some apathetic social averaging algorithm.

If this so called artificial intelligence is to enlighten the masses, how will it do so if it’s being fed by the same masses,

Will it now take considerably more momentum to break free from this social gravity than it would have once upon a time?

If AI can tell us what we want next, are humans anything more than the limbs of a distributed consciousness?

In the beginning, this network delivered the pinnacle of research across the globe. And now it delivers mostly junk.

We are the Automata

There are beings on this planet we call earth.

They do not choose their desires. They are pre-programmed. And they protest.

They struggle with simple existence. Sometimes there, yet never here.

They construct imaginary worlds and inhabit them. Sometimes their imaginary worlds misbehave. Their own dreams disobey. How frustrating.

They are the space, but they protest they are the form.

They want control, but they themselves are imagined. How can they control when they do not exist?

Some beings understand this. Some beings experience it. Some beings see it. As they progressively walk this path, they themselves evaporate.

The automaton protests. And we watch.